GAA fan flies flags in the face of apartment regulations

WHAT’S a rebel without a cause.

A die-hard Cork fan has vowed to defy a property management company’s instructions to remove GAA flags from his apartment windows.

Diarmaid Twomey, 27, who rents an apartment in the Eden development in the Cork suburb of Blackrock, described the instruction as “petty nonsense”.

“I might understand this if it was a Chelsea flag that was hanging out 12 months of the year. But this is crazy,” he said.

“Everyone could use some positive news at the moment and the Cork footballers are in the All Ireland final next week. That is positive.”

Diarmaid has draped one Cork flag from the bathroom window of his ground floor home, and has taped another inside a bedroom window. The apartment is located at the Convent Road entrance to the development and the flags are clearly visible from the main road. The flags have been up for the last week ahead of the Cork senior football team’s clash with Down in the All Ireland on Sunday week.

But Diarmaid received a letter from Absolute Property Management on Tuesday night instructing him to remove them.

Bob Carlson, the managing director of Absolute Property Management, said he is acting on instructions from Eden’s resident’s committee. “I’m only doing my job,” he said.

He said the owners of Eden apartments signed up to several rules upon purchase, including quiet time from 10.30pm to 8am.

It is also forbidden to erect for sale, or for let signs, and barbecues and ball games are prohibited in the development’s small green area.

“I support Cork. I want Cork to win. I have Cork flags hanging from my own house. And I have the windows of my own business painted in the Cork colours,” Mr Carlson said.

“But there are rules and regulations. I suggested to the committee that maybe they should wait until after the match but I have to act on their instructions.

“Imagine if people started hanging their laundry and duvets out their windows. The place would look like a tenement. Could the committee go further and take legal proceedings? I don’t think it will go that far.”

Diarmaid, who runs the community-based website, said he understands the rules and regulations but the flags issue must be taken in context.

“Everybody should be supporting the teams and putting up flags and bunting,” he said.

“I thought the appetite for this kind of nonsense went out with the boom. There are aerials hanging out all sorts of windows. Surely they are more of an eyesore than a flag or two for two weeks.”

He said he has no intention of removing the flags and said he has the support of his landlord and some of his neighbours.


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