Freed Allen joins supporters at sold property

Trust leader Charles Allen Sr was back at Lotamore House in Cork last night after the High Court released him from custody and he rejoined supporters who had occupied the Tivoli Road estate following his arrest on Monday.

He arrived at Lotamore direct from the hearing in Dublin at approximately 6pm in the company of two other men.

When he was approached by the Irish Examiner he refused to say how long he planned to stay on the property, the sale of which was recently agreed by receivers.

Before yesterday’s court hearing at least five large men had taken shelter in one small caravan on the estate, despite the nearby presence of staff from a private security firm.

The security had to be brought in by the owners to protect the entrance to the 11-acre property.

It was the same caravan which Mr Allen had been using in the stable yard of Lotamore when he moved in and set about establishing it as the corporate headquarters of his trust.

The caravan had been moved down the driveway since Monday and connected to a gas cylinder to supply heating.

The men refused to leave.

Gardaí twice visited the scene before Mr Allen returned, but until the owner sought an order from the court. it remained a civil matter.

When approached by the Irish Examiner the five men refused to comment on their reason for occupying the site or to give their names. They remained inside the caravan.

One of the men was recognisable from several signing-in sessions, attended by the Irish Examiner, which Mr Allen held north and south of the border.

The private security firm had moved onto the property on Monday afternoon, following Mr Allen’s arrest, and changed the locks. Its sale was recently agreed by the receivers having previously been placed in Mr Allen’s Rodolphus Allen Private Family Trust by the former owner.

On Monday, Mr Allen was arrested in one of its out-buildings on foot of a High Court bench warrant issued for him on Sep 27. He appeared before Mr Justice Seán Ryan yesterday.

He was freed on a promise not to interfere with a stud-farm in Kildare.

During the brief hearing, the judge said he was prepared to release Mr Allen from custody if he undertook not to trespass or interfere with the lands at Brannockstown, Kildare.

In reply, Mr Allen said he was prepared to give undertakings not to trespass or interfere with the lands.

Mr Allen, of Inistioge, Co Kilkenny, expressed concerns about the case going ahead. He told the court he believed his case was scheduled for Wednesday morning, and was unable to instruct his legal team.

Provided no further issues arise, the case has been put back until Jan 21.

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