Football jersey sparks attack on Cork family by Irish holidaymakers

AN Irish family on holidays in Spain was viciouslyattacked by a mob of fellow Irish holidaymakers because one of them was wearing a Cork football jersey.

The victims, from Farranree, Cork, blamed a small group of young drunken Dubliners for the unprovoked attack on the Costa del Sol after the All-Ireland final on Sunday.

They were scratched, punched, and dragged on to the ground and were then kicked about the head by a gang of up to 10 men and women.

They did not require hospital treatment, but were badly shaken. They were recovering from their injuries in their apartments last night.

Speaking from the family home yesterday, Caroline O’Connor said it was a disgrace that Irish people would attack other Irish people abroad.

“I think they were justusing the Cork jersey as an excuse and were looking for a fight,” she said.

Her parents Noreen and Michael, her sister Elva, 25, her brother-law-in Liam Manning and sister-in-law Kathy Waugh were among a group of extended family members who flew out to Malaga the weekend before last for a holiday in the popular Montemar resort.

They went in to the town on Sunday afternoon to watch the All-Ireland final.

Noreen and Michael returned to their apartment afterwards, but Elva, Liam and Kathy went to JC’s Bar where a group of Dubliners were drinking. Liam was wearing a Cork jersey.

Ms O’Connor said Elva, Liam and Kathy left the pub after words were exchanged. “They said things like: ‘You should be ashamed for losing the match and wearing that jersey’, and ‘you should go away and hang yourselves’. So they walked away,” she said.

“But the group followed them outside and they started running.”

The gang caught them from behind and attacked them, she said. Ms Waugh was pinned to the ground and the gang tried to steal her rings.

Ms O’Connor said the gang threatened Elva that if she didn’t stop screaming, they would “put her into a coma”.

Mr Manning was beaten about the head by at least three men. The two women suffered scratches, had clumps of hair pulled out and suffered black eyes.

They eventually broke free and ran to a nearby pub for help.


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