Food plan helps delighted Deirdre's 'Operation Transformation'

Deirdre O'Donovan's food plan reminded her of her snack intake. She has dropped from a size 22 to 18.

Operation Transformation leader Deirdre O’Donovan has broken her addiction to food.

Yesterday was a good day for the Cork mother of two who now weighs 15st 10.5lb — she started her weight loss programme at 17st 4.5lb.

“I never thought I would see that figure,” said a much relieved Deirdre, who admitted that she used to find it difficult to pass a restaurant or takeaway.

Deirdre, 30, was a size 22 at the start of the RTÉ series — she is now a size 18.

And size matters because now Deirdre does not have to order clothes online. She is hoping to eventually slim down to a size 16.

Dietician Aoife Hearne had advised Deirdre to keep a food diary when she failed to meet her target weight loss over the last two weeks.

Deirdre, who works part time as a care assistant, had thought she was doing OK but found that it was the small things that were really adding up.

“When you do the food plan and follow it to the T you get the results you want,” said Aoife during the weigh-in on The John Murray Show.

“The food diary did make an awful lot of sense because it reminded me that I did snack,” said a delighted Deirdre.

The diary also helped her realise that she had not been sticking to her eating plan — she had made small mistakes when choosing and weighing some foods.

Operation Transformation doctor Ciara Kelly said that Deirdre had fixed the little problems in her eating plan and knew what she had to do to reach her target weight and maintain it.

It was also a good day for Kerry GAA star Paudie O’Mahoney, who started his weight loss programme weighing 20st 5.5lb and now weighs 18st 4.5lb.

After being told to rest more by fitness expert Karl Henry, Paudie had been prepared for the worst when he stepped on the weighing scales yesterday. His target was to lose 2lb — he lost 5lb. “If ever we needed proof, this is it. Less is more,” said Karl.

Aoife said Paudie showed the relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Earlier, Paudie said he was feeling very low at the start of the series but now felt happier with himself. “It has been a marvellous journey for me,” he said.

Paudie, 61, the oldest Operation Transformation leader intends continuing his weight loss programme when the series ends in a few weeks — his personal target is to lose an additional two stone by the end of July.

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