Firms criticised over packaging of Easter eggs

Brands including Baileys and Thorntons have been criticised as the worst for using recyclable products in their Easter egg packaging.

A major Easter egg packaging report, now in its sixth year, carried out by British Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson found that, on average, only 38% of what is in an Easter egg box is an egg.

The study analysed 11 eggs across all the major brands.

It found the three biggest chocolate companies — Mars, Nestlé and Cadbury — have reduced their overall level of packaging and eliminated plastic from their medium-range of eggs.

Nestlé also became the first major confectioner to make its full range of Easter eggs fully recyclable.

However, Irish brand Baileys and British-based chocolatier Thorntons, which produce high end or ‘luxury’ Easter eggs, continue to persist with non-recyclable packaging like plastic.

Supermarket giant Marks & Spencer was also singled out for criticism as having one of the worst egg to packaging ratios and for overall recyclability.

Ms Swinson told The Guardian newspaper that some major manufacturers are continuing to “hide behind their green credentials” in terms of packaging.

According to Repak, Ireland’s consumption of Easter eggs last year rose 9% with consumers forking out a whopping €23m on the annual treat.

The recycling group reported that most manufacturers have reduced Easter egg packaging by up to 35% while increasing their recyclability.

However, it warned over 35,000 tonnes of household used packaging will be generated this Easter.

Repak expects to recycle around 15,300 tonnes of mixed packaging from households over the period.

Easter stats

* Last year Ireland spent a staggering €23 million on Easter eggs, an increase of 9% on 2010.

* According to Repak, some 170 Statues of Liberty could be made with all of the household packaging generated over Easter.

* Some 5.7 million litres of wine are expected to be consumed over Easter along with 67 million litres of beer.

* Celebrations will result in 500 tonnes of used Easter packaging alone.

* Over 35,000 tonnes of household used packaging will be generated over this period.

* Repak expects to recycle around 15,300 tonnes of mixed packaging from households over the Easter period.


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