Firm behind RTÉ’s Angelus in €90k Revenue settlement

A company owned by a religious order involved in the production of the daily Angelus for RTÉ has made a settlement for over €90,000 with the Revenue Commissioners.

Kairos Communications Ltd, owned by the Maynooth-based Society of the Divine Word order, is the largest independent contributor of religious programming to RTÉ.

It has produced material for the Angelus for many years and, in 2015, secured a new contract to work with RTÉ on the revamp of the Angelus.

The revamp involves the production of eight new short reflective films to be used over the coming years.

The firm also produces a Mass for RTÉ radio every Sunday.

Accounts for Kairos Communications Ltd confirm it reached a settlement with the Revenue Commissioners totalling €92,603 last August.

A note attached to the accounts lodged with the Companies Office states the “directors made an unprompted qualifying disclosure to the Revenue Commissioners in relation to the tax treatment of the education and film production contractors working for Kairos”.

“This tax settlement came to €92,603.18. We do not see this future tax treatment of the contractors to Kairos as a threat to the going concern of the company.”

Board member and spokesman for Kairos Communications, Fr Finbarr Treacy, said yesterday: “The voluntary disclosure was made following an internal review of the company’s tax treatment of individuals whose services had been provided to Kairos Communications as self-employed contractors. The voluntary disclosure was made on a precautionary basis.”

Fr Treacy stressed: “The voluntary disclosure and accompanying payment ensured that the company is in full compliance with relevant Revenue guidelines retrospectively as well as into the future.”

The Kairos accounts show at the end of December 2014, the firm had cash reserves of €764,639.

Last year, Kairos produced 39 hours of live broadcast of religious services for RTÉ radio while the precise level of provision by Kairos of live broadcast of religious services for RTÉ radio during 2016 has yet to be agreed.

The firm is also a major contributor of live broadcasts for RTÉ television, providing 11 hours of live outside broadcasts of religious services in 2015 and will provide the same level of live broadcasts of religious services this year.

In 2009, Kairos Communications produced Angelus content of nine minutes’ total duration, including special Christmas content, for use on RTÉ television.

That Angelus content was re–used on a continuing cycle by RTÉ for six years before a new contract between RTÉ and Kairos after a competitive tender process was entered into last year.


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