Fine Gael to review findings for own party members’ conduct

The Taoiseach condemned the “corrupt practices” exposed by the tribunal — but did not directly criticise Bertie Ahern.

The Taoiseach condemned the “corrupt practices” exposed by the tribunal — but did not directly criticise Bertie Ahern.

Enda Kenny said the Government had referred the report to the DPP, the Garda Commissioner, the Revenue Commissioners, and the Standards in Public Office Commission for consideration.

Mr Kenny said Fine Gael’s internal disciplinary committee would also look at the findings to see if party members needed to be dealt with as a result.

“This tribunal report sets out in very direct fashion the conduct of the former taoiseach. The tribunal speaks for itself. A litany of unacceptable statements from the former taoiseach,” he said.

Sinn Féin warned that Fianna Fáil leader and former cabinet minister Micheál Martin now had serious questions to answer.

Jonathan O’Brien, the party’s justice spokesman, said the report laid bare a “culture of corruption” in Fianna Fáil.

“Mr Martin was a senior member of the cabinet then and is Fianna Fáil party leader now. He has a number of questions to answer regarding the conduct and credibility of his party colleagues who are still members of the Dáil.

“The report of the Mahon Tribunal states that during 2007 and 2008, members of the cabinet embarked on a “sustained and virulent attack” against the tribunal. They questioned not only the legality of the tribunal, but also the integrity of its members. These attacks came as a result of the tribunal’s inquiries into Bertie Ahern’s conduct.”

Tánaiste and Labour leader Eamon Gilmore said the corruption exposed in the inquiry was relevant to the economic state of the country today.

“The issue with which the Government is dealing at present involves renegotiating the terms of the bail-out relating to the former Anglo Irish Bank. In a sense, this involves tackling the mess that was created as a result of the need to deal with a financial institution which was the piggy bank for the property bubble that brought the country’s economy to its knees.”

Socialist TD Joe Higgins said the report should serve as a reminder to the public of the corruption of the last government.

“The report will remind our people about the enormous greed and corruption of a tiny elect who plundered our society, making the majority pay for their greed with disastrous consequences,” he said.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan, who helped prop up Mr Ahern as Taoiseach while a cabinet minister in 2007-2008, said: “The Mahon Report vindicates those who fought against corrupt planning and it shames elements of our political system from the top down. The report reveals in shocking detail the existence of widespread corruption within the Irish political system.

“A former Taoiseach, minister, TDs, and councillors have been caught lying and engaging in corrupt practices and, for them, there can be no hiding from the conclusions of this report,” he said.


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