‘Fearless’ comic gets Marvel approval

An Irish artist who has worked on Star Wars comics has been chosen to draw a new superhero series for comic giants Marvel.

Will Sliney, 29, from Ballycotton, Co Cork, started illustrating for comics in 2007. He has drawn several comics spun-off from the science fiction TV series Farscape for Boom! Studios.

In Apr 2011, he drew the strip ‘Dug Out’ for the British comic Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It broke records around Europe, selling over 250,000 issues in Germany alone.

Sliney has been picked to draw the new Marvel series Fearless Defenders. The series is centred around a team of female superheroes led by Valkyrior. He has already completed the drawings for the first edition, which will launch in February.

The comic is part of a new initiative called Marvel Now, which has re-launched several ongoing comic books while introducing new titles.

Speaking on 2FM, Sliney said he became interested in art arising out of Marvel. “It is the reason why I started wanting to draw comics. I was always in to that kind of stuff as a kid. The cartoons, the Spider-Man and the X-Men and all those, so they are the company to be in if that’s what you want to do.

“When I mention Marvel to people everybody knows what it is. I have always had a dream to draw Spider-Man or the X-Men so that’s my next goal for sure.”

Sliney, who has a multi-media degree from Cork Institute of Technology, is also working on a mythological series, Celtic Warrior: The Legend of Cú Chulainn.


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