Father, sons, and youth up on murder charges

A father and two sons and another youth have been charged with the murder of Neil Reilly in Dublin.

Mr Reilly, aged 36, sustained serious injuries during a row in the early hours of January 18 after his car came to a halt and he was attacked and stabbed in the Esker Glebe area in Lucan, not far from his home at St Finian’s Close.

Earlier, shots had been fired at a house in west Dublin.

He was rushed to James Connolly Memorial Hospital where the father of two was pronounced dead a short time later.

Gardaí seized a number of cars for technical examination and on Monday, four males ranging in ages from late teens to 50s were arrested.

They were detained at Finglas, Lucan, and Blanchardstown Garda Stations, where they were charged and held overnight before they faced court hearings.

They are all charged with the murder of Mr Reilly at The Glebe, Esker, Lucan, on January 18.

The three men and the 17-year-old were brought to appear before Judge David McHugh at Blanchardstown District Court.

The teenage boy cannot be named because he is a minor.

Detective Sergeant Sean Cosgrove told Judge McHugh that the youth was charged at 4.38am yesterday and “he made no reply”.

The district court cannot grant bail in murder cases. Judge McHugh remanded him in custody to appear again at Blanchardstown Children’s Court on February 6.

The boy, dressed in a grey tracksuit, remained silent during the brief hearing. He was accompanied to the hearing by an adult female and his solicitor, Tracy Horan.

Remanding him in custody, Judge McHugh directed that the boy is to be “afforded all necessary support in detention”.

After the teenager’s hearing ended, the adults’ cases began.

Paul Bradley, aged 52, and his sons Jason Bradley, aged 18, and Dean Bradley, aged 22, of Liscarne Gardens, Ronanstown, west Dublin, were remanded in custody to appear at Cloverhill District Court on Friday.

Garda Thomas Doyle told the court that Paul Bradley, who was wearing a wine- coloured fleece top, blue tracksuit bottoms, and black runners, was charged at Blanchardstown station at 5.10am, after which he was cautioned and he had no reply.

He sat silently as a statement of his means was furnished to the court in an application for legal aid and he was remanded in custody.

His younger son, Jason Bradley, dressed in black shorts and a blue zipped jacket and runners, was next to go before the judge.

Garda Sergeant Maeve Ward told the court that he replied “No” when he was charged at 4.39am. A statement of his means was handed in to court by Ms Horan.

His brother, Dean Bradley, who was wearing a grey and red hoody, navy tracksuit bottoms, and black runners, was charged at 4.38am.

Defence solicitor John Wood provided the court with a statement of his client’s means.

Dean Bradley made no reply to the charge, Garda Damian Gannon told the court.

Legal aid was granted to all four.

The defendants, because they are charged with murder, will have to make an application in the High Court to get released on bail. A book of evidence has yet to be prepared.

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