Fashion-conscious thief steals five pairs of €330 jeans

A LIMERICK thief has been diligently working on her sex appeal.

High fashion jeans worth more than €1,600 and marketed for sex appeal and sophistication went for a walk out the door of a city fashion shop.

Gardaí were called in after staff discovered five pairs of Rock and Republic jeans were missing after a woman took them into a changing cubicle to try them on. The woman walked out of the shop with no apparent purchase.

But when a staff member went to retrieve the five pairs of jeans each worth €330 from the cubicle they were gone.

The jeans are described as “a premium luxury, lifestyle brand and are synonymous with sex appeal, innovative style and edgy sophistication”.

Actress Cameron Diaz has said: “Rock and Republic jeans are the Wonderbra for my butt.”

Sergeant Liam Sheehan, head of the crime prevention unit at Henry Street, Limerick, said the fashion conscious thief more than likely brought a concealed bag with her into the store.

And it had all the hallmarks of a professional thief in action.

Sgt Sheehan said: “This is a difficult crime to stop at times, as professional thieves now quite often use tinfoiled bags to stash their loot before they leave a shop and this will prevent any alarm going off with a tagging system so its important that as many controls as possible are put in place to reduce the opportunities for thefts like this. Tagging systems, CCTV security staff, disc systems for taking clothes into a dressing room are very important. I would encourage people in the retail sector to be alert to all customers. Don’t take anyone for granted, be vigilant at entrances and exits, and watch customers carrying merchandise around and carrying old bags or bags from other stores.”


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