A family room has opened in Cork University Maternity Hospital in memory of a little girl who died there in 2013.

Twins Beth Hope and Harry were born to Trish and Daniel Clifford at 34 weeks.

Beth, who weighed just 3lb 9oz, lost her life on November 30, 2013, after just five days.

Just the day before, she had tested positive for Patau syndrome (trisomy 13), a rare genetic order, which carries a high mortality rate.

On the night before Beth died, Daniel had to sleep on a blow-up bed as the hospital did not have a double-bed available for parents who lose babies through miscarriage or soon after birth.

So last year the couple decided to try and raise €8,000 by running the Cork City Marathon to buy a profiling, electrical double-bed for the fourth floor of CUMH. They ended up raising €30,000 and have helped renovate the family room at the hospital.

For Trish, it was a way of thanking the hospital and staff for the “incredible kindness” shown to her family through the loss of her daughter.

“We were on the fourth floor and I woke up and Daniel was on a mattress beside Beth who was in a crib. It was just so dark and lonely, we wanted to help put a bed in the room and make it a bit brighter.

“So an interior designer did the inside and Eoin Turner did a piece of art for outside the door. We felt that this is not just our story. Everyone who experiences something like this goes on their own journey and we want this room to be for everyone,” she said.

Trish also recalled that staff helped her gather memories of Beth.

“The way we were cared for and minded during that time was just amazing. We felt like it was if we were the only people there because of how we were looked after. That’s why did this.

“We got photos of Harry and Beth together. That was so thoughtful of the staff who knew the situation. The day Beth passed away they made footprints and handprints. We did the same for Harry and we have them together now. That just meant so much to us.”


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