Family relief as dealer’s head found

The sister of murdered drug dealer Christopher Gaffney has spoken of her family’s relief that all of his body has now been recovered.

The 37-year-old, from Blanchardstown in west Dublin, went missing in October and some of his body parts were found in the townland of Mayne, Co Meath, early last month.

However, his head was still only recovered at the weekend by gardaí searching the area near where his other body parts were found.

Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ 2FM yesterday, Rachel Gaffney said her family was preparing to go to a Mass for her late father and brother when they were told of the discovery.

She said they were relieved all of her brother’s remains had now been recovered.

“We were delighted. Pretty happy for the day to be honest. Then we went to the Mass then. But later on, it was emotional, deflating really. It’s the run-up to Christmas and there is people out there wanting to know what presents to buy people and you’re just happy your brother’s head has been found.

“It’s just unbelievable and it’s hard for the family to deal with to be honest.”

Ms Gaffney said there had been rumours that more body parts belonging to her brother had been missing, but that gardaí had said that this was untrue.

“There was rumours that his foot was gone as well so that was upsetting so we tried to find that information out, but we were told that from what they know he’s fully complete,” she said.

“We are just all very happy that the whole lot of him has been found so that he can rest in peace when he is laid to rest.”

Ms Gaffney said her family planned to wait until after Christmas to bury her brother but admitted the festive period would be a difficult time for her and her family.

“You have to get on with it and try and not think about it,” she said.

To date, nobody has been arrested in connection with Mr Gaffney’s death and gardaí are seeking a motive for his killing.

The Dubliner had a number of convictions for drugs offences. One theory is he was killed by a drugs gang.


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