Met Éireann says it welcomes feedback from the public following complaints about its weather presenters’ clothing were disclosed.

“One can hardly believe that we are having the coldest weather at the moment by the way the female presenters are dressed. It looks so ridiculous,” read a complaint that was released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Another complaint stated: “I find Met Éireann reports more glamour-orientated.”

Deputy head of forecasting at Met Éireann, Evelyn Cusack, said comments are always welcomed.

“We always welcome feedback from the public,” she told the Irish Examiner.

“If people aren’t happy that’s their prerogative. If they’re not happy about how people are dressed, that’s down to individual taste.”

Other comments referred to alleged inaccuracies in the weather reporting.

“I can see no reason why you continue to announce forecasts that [are] so abysmally incorrect,” read one complaint.

Ms Cusack responded to that point by explaining that weather forecasting was “not an exact science”.

In total, Met Éireann received 78 complaints from members of the public between January 1, 2016 and November 1.

One comment took aim at the extra focus that Dublin seemed to receive.

The member of the public stated: “Since when is Dublin a region? Are the Dubs now considered the fifth province?”

Ms Cusack explained that Dublin was not singled out on the TV broadcast, only on their website under a heading entitled “region”.

“The reason we single out Dublin is because 1.5m people live there and it has its own microclimate,” she said.

The Wicklow Mountains are south of Dublin and because most of the country’s rain comes in off the Atlantic Ocean, the capital is protected therefore receiving one of the lowest rainfalls across the island.

“Our job is to present the weather in the best possible way,” Ms Cusack added.


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