Eve Hewson’s American drawl irked pals

Actress Eve Hewson has told how her American accent has become too convincing for her Irish friends.

The actress, who was on The Tonight Show this week to talk about the US TV hit series The Knick, has been widely acclaimed for her role as a wide-eyed nurse from West Virginia named Lucy on the hit TV series.

But the star, who spends most of her time living in New York, jokingly told talk show superstar Jimmy Fallon her mastery of the American accent didn’t go down well with her friends at home in Dublin the last time she was on his show.

“I’m Irish. I actually got in a lot of trouble the last time I was on the show from all my friends in Dublin.

“They were like ‘Oh we saw you on Jimmy Fallon, you were really good but you sounded American’,” she said with a mock stern look.

The chat show host jokingly then put on an Irish accent saying: “They don’t like that no? Now I don’t want to sound American. I don’t want to have to deal with your friends, the wrath.”

The second season of the critically acclaimed drama series — centred on a maverick doctor player by Clive Owen working in the Knickerbocker Hospital in downtown New York at the start of the 20th century — is set to be aired this week.

It is set in 1900 amid groundbreaking surgeons, nurses, and staff who push the bounds of medicine in a time of high mortality rates and zero antibiotics.

The show — dubbed a cross between Grey’s Anatomy and Boardwalk Empire — is directed by the Oscar-winning director Stephen Soderberg. Hewson told how she charmed her way into seeing an early version of Magic Mike XXL which was also produced by the director.

“Magic Mike is his finest work, forget Erin Brokovich, forget Traffic, it’s Magic Mike,” she joked.

“I begged him for a long if I could see the movie and he showed it to us and I was so overcome with emotion.

“I had such a cathartic experience as they were playing [the song] ‘D’Angelo’ that I started crying. I cried and Stephen looked at me and ‘Are you crying?’

“He said ‘if only I knew that was your trigger I would have had Channing Tatum come and dance for you in The Knick’. So whenever I had emotional scenes after that Channing Tatum came,” she joked.

On the chat show, the daughter of Bono, who also is starring in the upcoming movie Bridge of Spies opposite Tom Hanks, said she loved working with Stephen Spielberg on the film as ET was her favourite childhood movie.

“It was so fun. I was obsessed with ET as a kid. I cut up all my hair and made everyone called me Elliot.

“I was absolutely a boy for about two years of my childhood. My mom would be like ‘Eve, dinner is ready and then she would be like ‘Sorry, Elliot, dinner is ready’.”

The last time she was on the chat show she told how she pranked Justin Timberlake when she was 11 when she found his number in Bono’s address book.

She explained how she and her pal Sorcha dialled up a number of superstar names as a prank.


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