€20,000 reward to catch gunman

A FAMILY is offering a reward of €20,000 to help catch the gunmen who left a father-of-two in a vegetative state.

Postman Robert Delany, 28, suffered massive brain damage after being shot in the face at his home on Russell Rise in Tallaght, Dublin, on October 22 last.

The son of a former senior figure in the Provisional IRA is a prime suspect for the attempted murder.

“It is our view there are people who are afraid to give evidence which will assist the gardaí in their investigation in bringing to justice the people responsible for the attack on Robert,” said his dad, Terry.

“I think a certain degree of intimidation has operated so far and it’s understandable in these circumstances that people would be afraid.”

“Robert was the sort of fella that would help anyone out,” said his partner Mags Purtill.

“A so-called friend of Robert was in an argument and Robert started to get in to help. The lad that Robert had hit seemingly was a sort of criminal, and this is what we believe is the outcome of somebody trying their best to help somebody out. Things just didn’t go the way Robert expected.”

The family believe the shooting was in retaliation for that. Shortly after 6am on October 22 Robert went to the window of his duplex home to see who was buzzing at the front door.

“Myself and the two girls were in the apartment,” recalled Mags. “Robert went out to the kitchen to see who it was. The attacker was standing below and shot him with two shots, which were pellets, so Robert was hit with 20 pellets.

“They removed four pellets in Beaumont Hospital, left Robert with 16 pellets lodged in his brain. He is 99% brain damaged. He has a minimum amount of awareness and doesn’t respond to family or friends.”

“It’s our view that if you don’t break the cycle of violence in Ireland then this is going to go on and on and this country will just sink into the depths of violence,” said Terry.

Mags said their eldest daughter “lies in bed every night crying and crying. She cries herself asleep, thinking something is going to happen to me and her”.

Gardaí have sought information in relation to a white Honda Integra car (with no number plates) which was stolen on Wednesday, October 21 on the Naas Road and later located in the Montpelier Estate in Tallaght.

- People can ring the Delany family on 087 2254435. innocentvictimsofviolence.ie


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