Energia offers €325 Big Switch saving

Energy retailer Energia have made group discounts of around €325 per household available to anyone who switches to them through One Big Switch.

This is the second time the consumer network group has offered discounted energy offers to its subscribers this year.

As part of the deal, the 70,000 or so people who signed up to be part of their energy campaign are to be offered group discounts by Energia.

The dual fuel offer includes an 18% group discount on electricity and a 17% group discount on gas. The group says this represents a potential €325 first year saving for an average household.

The ‘electricity only’ group discount and the ‘gas only’ group discount offer a 17% reduction against Energia’s standard rates.

In March, One Big Switch announced a special offer for new customers who switch to Bord Gáis Energy, as well as discounted offers for members who are already with the supplier.

Head of campaigns for One Big Switch Sarah Ryan said the new deal was a “big win” for the people power exercised by consumers.

“One Big Switch has always been an experiment in people power, today we see further evidence that that experiment worked, and group discounted energy is once again a reality in Ireland. That is a big win for our members and consumers as a whole; hopefully it will also help continue to drive competition across the entire energy market, like it did earlier this year,” she said.

Consumers can see the full details r by visiting www.onebigswitch.ie. Householders who are not yet registered can still do so at no cost and with no obligation.

One Big Switch is also encouraging consumers to register for its “people power” campaign, the Big Health Insurance Switch to negotiate more affordable cover for all.

A survey the group carried out found that 99% of its members have felt “significant negative impacts” due to hundreds of thousands of people exiting the health insurance market since its peak in 2008.


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