Enda Kenny feels the heat with UK abortion tweets

There has been a huge reaction on both sides of the Irish Sea to an Irish woman and her friend’s decision to livetweet their weekend journey to the UK for an abortion.

In what was described as a “brave” and “moving” series of posts by some people while derided by others, the two women, using the Twitter handle @twowomentravel and who did not reveal their identity, documented their journey from Dublin to Manchester in a series of emotionally stark posts.

Their Twitter bio read: “Two women, one procedure, 48 hours away from home.” One of the women was having a termination, the other was with her for moral support.

From tweets on Saturday morning that “we make this journey in stern solidarity with all our Irish sisters who have gone before us” to the tweeting of pictures of a waiting room where they sat “weighted by bated breaths”, they had chalked up 24,500 followers by last night.

There was nothing in the tweets to identify the women with many seeing this as an effort to show how generic this journey is as thousands of women do it every year as they are unable to end a pregnancy here.

Among those offering support was British comedian James Corden who tweeted: “Today, @TwoWomenTravel but you’re not on your own in this. So many people are with you. X.”

Many of the tweets were directed at Taoiseach Enda Kenny whose response to the Repeal the Eighth movement has been to set up a constitutional convention to examine the matter.

“Not the first or last bleeding women about to face a long treck [sic] home @EndaKennyTD #twowomentravel,” they wrote.

As the women made the final stage of their journey home, they tweeted from the plane: “We are all creating change together. To Enda Kenny, our Taoiseach, your silence speaks volumes and the world has heard you”.

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