Eircom to create 50 jobs with eMobile launch

EIRCOM is to create 50 jobs with the launch of its new mobile phone service, eMobile, which offers customers major savings over other mobile providers.

The service promises to save existing customers €60 a year if they bundle the new eMobile billpay with their existing package. New customers are also promised calls and texts to any network for just €10 a week

The company is to open eMobile stores in Blanchardstown and Henry Street in Dublin as well as in Limerick, Waterford and Cork.

It has also sealed distribution deals with Carphone Warehouse, Xtra-Vision and Dixon Store Group. It will also use its website, www.emobile.ie, to deliver additional sales.

Eircom has said that eMobile’s full range of prepay and billpay plans have been developed to take the hassle out of selecting mobile services and the different price plans.

The company said its new prepay service ‘Seven 10’ gives customers “all the calls and texts they need to any network anytime for just €10 a week. It is the only €10 any network, anytime offer on the market”.

Eircom also claims that many of eMobile’s price plans and packages offer considerable price advantages over its main rivals. Existing Eircom customers can also get an additional €60 a year off their mobile bill if they bundle eMobile billpay with their Eircom landline and broadband services.

Eircom already has a mobile division following its purchase of Meteor in 2005.

The company also published a nationwide survey on the nation’s lifestyle and mobile phone habits to coincide with the launch of the new eMobile service.

The survey showed that contrary to popular stereotype, men talk more than women on mobile phones with 72% of males claiming to be more of a talker than a texter. Females were slightly less divided in their preference with an almost even split of 48% talking versus 52% texting.

However, the survey did show that despite gender, the younger you are the more likely you are to favour texting.

Speaking at the launch of the eMobile Service yesterday, Eircom chief Paul Donovan said launching the new mobile operator was necessary to broaden Eircom’s appeal to customers.

“Our new mobile service is fresh, exciting, easy to access and easy to use. We believe that eMobile offers exceptional, if not the best, value in the market.”


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