Eight years for filming rapes of nephew, 6

A man who admitted making pornographic videos of his six-year-old disabled nephew being raped and sexually assaulted by his nephew’s father has been jailed for eight years.

The 27-year-old, who cannot be named to protect the victim’s identity, pleaded guilty at the circuit court to four counts of producing child pornography, contrary to the Child Trafficking and Pornography Act, between 2014 and 2015.

Judge Thomas Teehan said he could not remember “more repulsive facts” outlined in any case as those involved in this case. He sentenced the man to 10 years imprisonment on each of the four counts, to run concurrently, and suspended the last two years.

The court heard this week that the man did not take part in the abuse on the six-year-old boy but videoed it as his brother was raping and sexually assaulting the boy with a number of items.

The man’s brother has already been dealt with in the Central Criminal Court, where he received a 20-year sentence for rape.

Judge Teehan said the six-year-old boy had been “repeatedly subjected to depraved acts perpetrated by his father and recorded by his uncle”. These recordings are now seemingly available on the internet and likely to be so into the future, he said.

“[The victim] has suffered greatly from the effects of these base acts and their aftermath.”

The judge referred to victim impact evidence given by a social worker, Terry Bradshaw, and the violation of the victim’s privacy and bodily integrity. “It would be difficult to imagine a more extreme example of such violations,” he said.

The pornography and abuse were discovered after an international investigation into child pornography which involved police forces in Australia and New Zealand as well as Europol and Interpol.

Gardaí and the HSE raided the Tipperary home of the man’s brother in March last year and found computer equipment there and at an industrial unit used by his brother, which contained over 12,000 image files and 68 video files of child pornography.

The court heard the brother was the “main offender” in this case and only some of the files found were produced by the boy’s uncle.

Both men are from Eastern Europe, and the man in the case in question is 19 years younger.

He told gardaí he was “aware of [his brother’s] sexual interests in children”.

Judge Teehan said it was a case of “extreme aggravating factors” and the offences were in the highest category of their type, although the “main perpetrator of these heinous acts” was not the man in this case, but his brother.

“His much older brother was obviously a very malign influence on [him] and even more so, unfortunately, on his own son.”

Mitigating factors were that the man had pleaded guilty and co-operated with gardaí, making admissions when interviewed following his arrest.

The judge suspended the last two years of the 10-year sentence which he imposed in each of the four child pornography counts, to run concurrently.


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