Libraries encourage young bookworms

Thousands of children are getting ahead on their reading as libraries try to help create more bookworms during the school holidays.

The Summer Reading Programme running at hundreds of city and county libraries aims to get them taking out at least six books during the holiday months. However, it is not just for established readers, as library staff are on hand to help children and their parents choose the most suitable titles.

As well as bringing more children into contact with their local or mobile library, the scheme gives families an opportunity to see other facilities available to them, such as internet access, book clubs, and readings.

Children who take part keep a record of the books they have picked and read during July and August, and will receive a certificate for completing the challenge at the end of the summer.

A recent study showed that just over half of Irish people visited a public lib-rary in the past year. Almost one in three had done so in the previous month, and 15 to 24-year-olds were the most regular library users.


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