Dublin man tries to throw glass of water at judge

A man who was due to be sentenced for being a passenger in a stolen car jumped out of the dock and tried to throw a glass of water at the judge.

Leon Murphy, aged 20, was before Judge Patrick McCartan at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court when he took issue over a comment the judge made about his mother.

Murphy of Snowdrop Walk, Darndale, Dublin, pleaded guilty to allowing himself to be carried in a stolen car on the Malahide Road on May 18, 2015.

The evidence had been heard and Judge McCartan was enquiring as to Murphy’s prospects for the future when he was advised by Peter Jackson BL, defending, that the man’s mother, a reformed heroin addict, wished to help her son.

The woman was pointed out to the judge, who then commented that he had seen her in the court earlier in the day and she had seemed “all over the place”.

Murphy became irate and started to shout abuse at the judge.

He then jumped up out of the dock and grabbed a glass of water and went to throw the glass before prison officers, a court garda, and the judge’s tip staff jumped in and prevented him from throwing it.

Judge McCartan adjourned the case back to another court for sentence before a different judge.


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