‘Dr Botox’ filmed getting injections for conference

Ireland’s ‘Dr Botox’, Danielle Meagher, is filmed by TV3 cameras getting jabs of the anti-wrinkle injection to iron out her frown lines in her new reality show.

The Dublin Housewives star topped up on the injection to get rid of facial lines before jetting out to mingle with the world’s top aesthetic and cosmetic doctors in Monte Carlo.

But the outspoken star of the reality show said she has to fly to London for the jabs a couple of times a year. She said on the TV3 show: “I can’t go to the World Aesthetic Medicine Conference with no botox and my own face in a jocker.

“The problem I have at home is I feel there are lots of people doing mediocre work.”

The 31-year-old botox expert, who has been getting the injections in her forehead for the past three or four years, told the cameras she was put up in a five-star hotel in the millionaires’ playground as she is filmed attending the anti-ageing conference on the fly-on-the-wall series.

She said: “It is all about anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. This year they just brought two or three Irish.

“There were two or three different hotels. There was the three-star Marriot, the four-star Fairmount, and the five-star Hotel de Paris. Whatever hotel you are in, you know how much botox you are doing.

“It’s telling everyone, I have a big account and I am a big injector and I am in the Hotel de Paris.”

In the reality show, the Trinity graduate coins a new phrase for her favourite males — NIIRPs — which stands for Non-Irish International Rugby Players.

“I have been set up on a date with a GAA player. It is not quite football, it is handball. I have decided I will go on this date but after this date I want NIIRP only. Non-Irish International Rugby Players.”

The teetotal Meagher, who runs the Dermaface clinic in Dublin, also expresses her preference for the more sophisticated European way of life after returning from Monte Carlo.

“I am kind of sad to be back. I feel when I am in Europe the mentality is different.

“If they are having a drink they will an apéritif before dinner and a digestif after dinner and it is very sophisticated

“Then you come back here where it’s like ‘eating is cheating’ and skip dinner.”

Meagher shares the screen with socialites Lisa Murphy, Virginia Macari, Jo Jordan, and Roz Flanagan in the TV3 reality show.

Actress and swimwear designer Macari, tells the cameras she would love if her Norwegian partner, Kaste, would pop the question.

The pair became parents to baby Thor in March, but the Irish beauty confides that she is ready to walk down the aisle.

She said: “It’s the one thing I have to say about Kaste. I’d like to get married.

“He was with the mother of his kids for 16 years and never got married. He has never been married.

“I have given loads of hints. I am fricking singing the Beyoncé song ‘put the ring on it’ all the time. Sixteen years with his ex-girlfriend.”

And the dark-haired beauty is also filmed making disparaging comments about co-star Meagher during the show.

“She has more issues than Vogue magazine. Danielle turned up and ruined the air in the room.”

The two stars of the show clash when Macari discusses breastfeeding while the housewives are having dinner in a restaurant.

“Virginia was quite rude to me. Everything about Virginia’s life I don’t get. She spent the last 15 years swanning around Dublin drinking champagne. It’s now Prosecco,” says Meagher.

She insists she isn’t anti-breastfeeding but doesn’t like to have the topic discussed at dinner.

“Every time I see Virginia she talks about breastfeeding. It’s like it’s turning into my Big Fat Gypsy Breastfeeding Wedding.”

Dublin Housewives is shown on TV3 tonight, Thursday, and Friday at 9.30pm.


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