Dogs targeted with poison on popular walking trail on Clare/Limerick border

Gardai have issued a poison alert to dog owners in the South East Clare, living close to the Limerick border, after poison was reportedly found in sausage meat along walking routes.

The warning comes after gardai received reports of dogs ingesting poisoned sausage meat on canal walks between Ardnacrusha and Clonlara.

Gardai warned owners to exercise caution and keep their pets leashed.

It is believed some of the poison was encased in pieces of sausage meat," said Sergeant Justin McCarthy, crime prevention officer at Henry Street garda station, Limerick.

The ESB who own the walkways have erected warning signs along the routes.

Dog owner, Ann Daly responded via Facebook: "This is about our dog! Rat poison in meat. We picked up 2 separate pieces and there may be more. Luckily she is okay but only because my husband spotted her with it however both dogs were treated with one kept in overnight on drip."

Ms Daly warned others: "Be extra vigilant walking do not leave off the lead. We have already had a dog poisoned 2 years ago in the same place and will not allow this to continue and would appreciate your support when the time comes."

Another concerned dog owner, Sinead Wheeler said: "Our dog Molly died in June after eating a poisoned substance on the bank near Clonlara. She tried her best but despite intensive treatment from the vet, her lungs and kidneys were failing. We said goodbye after 5 long days."

"Paraquat is an awful poison. Our other dog survived after 5 days in the vets - only because we think she ate less. Her lungs have affected by it."

"Awful people out there. I'd never go back and walk a dog anywhere around there," she added.

In 2014, post mortems on a number of dogs found in the area found they died from ingesting strychnine after they had all walked along the same route.

A spokesperson for the Limerick Treaty Vet Clinic said: "We heard there was a warning sign out up in the area. This happened before and what we have found is that whatever was ingested by the dogs worked extremely quickly."

"Our advice would be to keep your dog on a leash, and if you do suspect they have eaten something poisonous get to the clinic quickly for treatment," they added.


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