Dog’s life spared by ‘Christianity’

A woman was unable to save her beloved family dog when he was attacked by a collie and as the owner of that dog appealed against a court order to have him put down, a judge praised her “canine Christianity”.

Martin Walsh, of Mannix Cottage, Killeens, Commons Rd, Cork, was prosecuted by Cork County Council at Cork District Court for failing to keep effective control over his collie, Shep, who attacked another dog who subsequently died.

The order of the district court included that the dog be put down. Mr Walsh appealed against that aspect of the order yesterday at Cork Circuit Court.

It arose from an incident on July 27, 2014 when Glenys Casey was walking her cavalier King Charles and Mr Walsh was walking his collie. The collie got loose, slipping out of his collar and running away from Mr Walsh. The dog attacked the spaniel and Ms Casey was unable to fend him off her dog.

Ms Casey said she was extremely upset but that with the help of others who came to her assistance she was able to get her injured dog to the vet. The dog died the next day, however.

Ms Casey said the court case was not one that she had brought and she was simply called as a witness for Cork County Council.

Kieran McCarthy, solicitor for Mr Walsh, said the main thing against which Mr Walsh was appealing was the order to have the collie put down. Mr Walsh said the dog, who was 14 years old, was part of the family for himself, his wife, his adult children, and grandchildren.

Ms Casey said she appreciated the place this dog had in the Walsh family, but added: “I will never walk publicly with a dog again since this attack.”

Judge Gerard Griffin said he was a dog owner himself and he praised “the canine Christianity” of Ms Casey.

He removed the order to have Shep put down and ordered that he instead be confined to the Walsh property. He also fined Mr Walsh €250 and €246 costs. Mr McCarthy said Mr Walsh had already paid a considerable amount in vet fees.


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