Dog owner ‘fled’ wardens

A dog owner is refusing to hand up his three dogs for destruction and had “fled from dog wardens”, a court in Kerry was told.

The whereabouts of the three dangerous dogs, one of which weighs more than 15 stone (100kg), have not been disclosed to the county council.

The original destruction order was made at the District Court in September 2014 after evidence by Kerry County Council dog wardens that the Alsatian, Great Dane and cross-bred Collie belonging to Jimmy, also known as James White, of Knockeendubh, Tralee Rd, Killarney, were dangerous and had attacked people, and were not under adequate control on October 19, 2013, and March 26, 2013, at his address.

The judge ordered that the dogs be handed over to the wardens to be destroyed.

However Mr White, 60, representing himself, lodged an appeal to the Circuit Civil Court in an attempt to save his three pets. The attempt was struck out in March of this year after he failed to turn up at the court sitting in Killarney.

The original destruction order was affirmed “reluctantly” by Judge James O’Donohoe who described himself as a dog owner.

The matter was aired again at the April sittings of the Circuit Civil Court in Tralee and Judge Eugene O’Kelly re-affirmed that the dogs be put down.

Mr White has not handed up the dogs as ordered, the District Court in Killarney was told yesterday.

Twice last week wardens attempted to serve “attachment and committal” papers on Mr White, summonsing him before the court for contempt, but twice had been thwarted, the court was told.

On the first visit the dog owner had “fled”, James Morris, council solicitor, said.

One of the dog wardens, accompanied by two gardaí, visited Mr White’s address at 5.30pm on May 8 last and found the house “freshly abandoned”, with a garage door open and a vehicle in the forecourt with its engine running, he alleges.

The residence did not have a letter box and the service of the documents had proved impossible, the court heard.

The council claims since September 2014 there had been another incident, this time involving the Great Dane. The dog, weighing in excess of 100kg, and had come through a hedge into a man’s back garden and knocked a four-year-old boy off his bicycle, it is alleged.

The court orders and summons are now to be nailed to Mr White’s garage door.



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