Does gizmo boil down to the perfect cup of tea?

All we know is Mrs Doyle would not be impressed.

In a move straight out of a Father Ted script, a mechanical marvel said to be the next big step forward in the art of tea making is brewing up a storm of debate among lovers of the drink.

As part of his attempts to revolutionise the kitchen world, renowned chef Heston Blumenthal has turned his eye to the humble pot of tea.

Presumably after years of discussing life’s finer details over, well, a cup of tea, the pin-up for haute cuisine has decided that simply putting a bag, some hot water and milk into a cup will no longer suffice.

Instead, the celebrity chef has invented the Tip Top Teamaker — a device he says ensures making the perfect cup that much easier.

Mr Blumenthal’s new invention works by allowing the user to effectively choose the exact water temperature for each type of tea, resulting in the “perfect” cup — useful for Ireland, which drinks the most tea out of any country in the world per head of population.

The device also helps the user to make speciality choices for the likes of green or herbal tea — a move its inventor says makes the machine the world’s first “intelligent” tea maker.

“You can of course make ordinary tea the way you like it, but this one will give you the exact correct temperature for your speciality teas,” Irish tea importer, Arthur Fitzpatrick, told Miriam O’Callaghan on RTÉ’s The John Murray Show when asked about the new device yesterday.

“It’s an amazing machine. Absolutely amazing.

“We’re all used to boiling the kettle, making the cup of tea — in this day and age it’s the tea bag in the mug — but this device goes into the detail of tea.

“This is a bit like your espresso coffee machine. It’s magic,” he added.

While its €234 price tag is likely to put some users off, Ireland’s obsession with the drink means it already has a built-in market to aim for — even taking into account real-life Mrs Doyles who, like their fictional equivalent, “like the misery” of making a cup.

Which leaves just one question — is the Tip Top Teamaker really the greatest leap forward in the drinks world or just a fancy, over-priced kettle?


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