Dead woman’s partner accused of assaulting man

Adam O'Keefe arrives at Cork courthouse, Washington Street.

The partner of the young woman who was found dead at Sheares St, Cork City, on Sunday was in court yesterday charged with assault causing harm to a young man on Monday.

Adam O’Keefe, aged 26, of St Vincent’s hospital, Anderson’s Quay, is accused of assault causing harm to Daniel Maguire at Anderson’s St on May 1.

Garda Donal Daly arrested Mr O’Keefe and gave evidence at Cork District Court yesterday of the accused referring to the death of 22-year-old Amy McCarthy, whose body was found in a former shop premises on Sheares St on Sunday.

Garda Daly noted Mr O’Keefe’s reply when arrested and cautioned. He said: “I am a fucking widow, boy. She is dead. That fucker hit me and I sorted him. What would you do?”

As well as being accused of assault causing harm to Mr Maguire, Mr O’Keefe is charged with being drunk and disorderly and engaging in threatening behaviour.

Inspector Daniel Coholan objected to bail being granted to Mr O’Keefe yesterday.

Garda Daly gave evidence of arresting Mr O’Keefe at Clontarf St, near the scene of the alleged assault, shortly before 11pm on Monday, May 1.

Garda Daly testified that there was CCTV of the alleged incident and that he identified Mr O’Keefe in the video of the matter. The garda objected to bail on the basis of the seriousness of the incident, stating that it carries a five-year sentence on conviction on indictment.

He said that Mr O’Keefe was in a volatile and emotional state following the death of his partner at the weekend and it was feared that, if granted bail, he would continue to use intoxicants and get into further serious trouble.

Eddie Burke, solicitor, said Mr O’Keefe was in an emotional state and suffering grief as a result of his partner being found dead at the weekend.

In respect of the alleged incident on May 1, where Mr Maguire was allegedly assaulted and left with lacerations to the face and a possible broken nose, Mr O’Keefe, who is originally from Midleton, said yesterday: “Last night I just snapped. I am trying to sort my life out over what happened over the weekend.”

Judge Kelleher refused bail and remanded Mr O’Keefe in custody for one week to appear again at Cork District Court in relation to the assault causing harm and the public order charges.


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