Dead seals wash up in south-east

Up to 11 dead seals, some decapitated, have washed up on the south-east coast in recent days amid warnings that fishermen may be taking the law “into their own hands”.

The Irish Seal Sanctuary has demanded an investigation after four decapitated seals washed up in Tramore, Co Waterford, yesterday.

Another six dead seals came ashore in Fethard-on-Sea in Co Wexford in recent days, and another dead seal was washed ashore in Dunmore East.

Johnny Woodlock, spokesman for the Irish Seal Sanctuary, said it was unlikely that the seals had been killed by boat propellers, and instead suggested that fishermen, unhappy at seals taking fish, may be involved in their deaths.

Mr Woodlock said seals were a protected species and called for the National Parks and Wildlife Service to carry out an investigation.

The seals, mostly grey seals, were found washed up on beaches by walkers.

Mr Woodlock said there had been a recent perception that the seal population had grown and that a cull was needed.

“We have never objected to an official cull, but we do not like is people taking the law into their own hands,” he said.

No record has been kept of the number of dead seals which wash ashore but the Irish Seal Sanctuary is now trying to record that data.


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