Daniel and Majella gear up for B&B road trip

Daniel O’Donnell and his wife, Majella, are off on a road trip this summer to get to the heart of what Irish hospitality is like.

The couple will star in a new six-part series called Daniel and Majella’s B&B Road Trip — a reality show with a difference.

“There is no guarantee that we won’t have a tiff along the way,” said Majella over a morning cuppa in a B&B in Dublin yesterday.

The show will be produced by VIP Productions and filming is due to start early next month.

It will be screened by UTV Ireland in October.

“The idea is to get to the heart of what Irish hospitality is like by staying in B&Bs. Hotels are not very personal,” said Majella.


Daniel said they would do a tour of Ireland, staying in 12 B&Bs over a two-week period.

Where they go and where they stay is up to the producers.

Their B&B hosts will show them around the area and local performers and characters will feature in the series, also expected to be shown in America.

If they are out at night and there is a sing-song, there is a good chance they might join in.

“We are just touring Ireland to enjoy it like anybody else who would come here on holidays,” said Majella, who will be in the driving seat.

“If it means that we disagree about something along the way, so be it. That will be part of it. It’s supposed to be fun.”

Majella admitted she sometimes gets a bit flighty. “He pulls me back and I pull him up and we meet in the middle.”

But they do have good craic together and she hoped that would come across.

“We just get on. If we were stuck on a desert island for 100 days together, it would not bother us at all,” said Majella.

Daniel quickly followed: “Only a hundred?”

Daniel has taken a break from touring until August 2016 to spend time with Majella as she recovers from breast cancer.

The singer also said there had been no repercussions from his call for a yes vote in the marriage referendum — nobody had said anything to him about the stance he had taken.



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