Creighton chooses Friday 13th to finally launch party

Rebel ex-Fine Gael minister Lucinda Creighton is to finally launch her much- vaunted party today.

The former Europe minister, who was expelled from the Fine Gael parliamentary party after voting against X case legislation in 2013, laid plans for the organisation in January, but was criticised at the time for failing to give the project a name, or announce any major policies.

Under the umbrella title of Reboot Ireland, Ms Creighton joined forces with money guru Eddie Hobbs to create the centre-right party.

Since then, the pair have held a series of meetings around the country to try and shape the ideological thrust of the political entity.

At the January event, the only vague policies unveiled were that the party’s elected representatives would have freedom of conscience to vote however they wanted on “life issues” such as abortion rights and euthanasia.

Ms Creighton also promised a boost for rural Ireland and more backing for small businesses and company start-ups.

Mr Hobbs has said 3,500 people registered with the new party early on.

Dublin South-East TD Ms Creighton is under pressure from political opponents to declare what financial backing she has for the project, as funding needs for the party have been estimated at around €1m if it is to have much chance of making an impact.

Ms Creighton was announcing a raft of candidates to stand for the party at the launch event.

With the general election having to be called by April of next year at the latest, Ms Creighton now finds herself in crowded political ground.

Fellow independent Shane Ross has announced plans to form an electoral alliance with maverick turf-cutting campaigner Michael Fitzmaurice and field at least 25 candidates at the next election, while left-wing independents have talked about forming their own coalition agenda.

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