Couple now more than friends thanks to Facebook

They lived two doors from each other for most of their lives, but it took Facebook and a 4am crisis with a printer to bring them together.

“I knew David all my life, but he asked me out on Facebook,” said Liz McCrave, 32.

Liz is now Mrs David McCabe after her childhood neighbour saw she was online at 4am and messaged her to see “why she was online so late”.

She was trying to get her printer to work.

“I was panicking, it wouldn’t work, and I needed my college assignment printed out so I could hand it in at 9am,” she said.

“David asked me what had me up so late and I told him. He immediately came around to fix it.”

At the time, Liz was doing a pre-nursing course in Ó Fiach College in Dundalk, Co Louth.

David, 37, has his own courier company and is usually up early for his daily run to Dublin from Dundalk, where the couple live.

The pair grew up in Cedarwood Park in Dundalk. “I lived in 168 and he was 166 and we would always say hello to each other,” said Liz.

“I always liked Liz,” David admitted with a smile, adding that after he fixed her printer for her on that fateful day in Mar 2009, he also used the social media site to ask her out.

“After he fixed the printer we would chat online each night after I finished studying and he had finished work,” said Liz, now a qualified carer who works looking after people in their own homes. “After a few weeks he asked me out for a meal using the chat function, and that was it.”

David said that “with Facebook you can say something to a person without standing there with them looking at you and you embarrassing yourself. If there was no Facebook we would not be where we are.”

He sent Liz a Facebook friend request in 2009 and she accepted.

He was able to see that she was signed in to Facebook as she struggled to fix her printer in the early hours of the morning.

The couple, who between them have five children from previous relationships, are heading off on honeymoon this week and acknowledge that without Facebook they would not have got it together.

“Facebook did it for us, for sure,” said Liz.

The couple got married in the Holy Redeemer Church in Dundalk on Saturday, surrounded by their family and friends.

“This is the happiest I have been,” said Liz.


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