Cork traders plan ‘Plunkett Quarter’ to improve Oliver Plunkett St

Traders on one of Cork’s busiest pedestrian streets have united to improve the visitor and shopping experience in their area.

Business owners on Oliver Plunkett St have set up the “Plunkett Quarter” initiative in a bid to carve out a unique identity in and around the street and make it a go-to destination.

Clodagh Daly of Daly Opticians, who has been working on the project with Valerie Finnegan Cahill of Ikon Hair Design for almost two years, said traders would work with Cork City Council to harness their passion for and knowledge of their neighbourhood to create a welcoming, exciting, and vibrant experience whether you want to shop, eat, drink, be pampered, or just have fun in and around the street.

“We would like to help people fall back in love with the city,” said Ms Daly.

“We have a fantastic array of businesses — lots of small, independent, family-owned firms, who’ve been in a business for a long time.

“We’ve spent the last few years just trying to keep the doors open but now it’s time to look up and join forces. We are all very proud to be involved in this exciting venture and we are look- ing forward to working together for the future of the Plunkett Quarter.”

Ms Finnegan Cahill said a series of initiatives will be rolled out. “All traders and property owners have been canvassed to get involved and we will be setting out plans to improve, manage, and market the Plunkett Quarter shortly.”

Lord Mayor Cllr Mary Shields hailed traders’ ambition: “I am delighted that everyone is co-operating together as it’s the best way forward and is a marvellous example of the innovation and spirit of Cork’s traders.”

The street is set to host a special outdoor dining event next month. The Our Table event will see some of Cork’s best-loved eateries, including Les Gourmandises, Isaacs, and The Rocket Man, joining forces to create a three-course banquet for 400 guests on Sunday, June 14.

Traders in the area are hoping to benefit from multimillion-euro developments planned at each end of the street including the One Albert Quay office block and the proposed events centre on South Main St.



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