Cork syndicate scoops €360k in Lotto

A work syndicate from Cork has picked up €369,210 in Lotto winnings.

The 20 colleagues from the Barry Group wholesaler in Mallow have each been putting €1 into a jar every week for three years and last Wednesday their investment finally came good.

They each took home €18,460 from the National Lottery headquarters in Dublin yesterday.

“The blood just drained from my face when I saw the €369,000. But I was delighted. We’re a group, there are 20 of us, so we’ve all benefitted, everybody’s got a bit out of it,” said Suzanna McAuliffe, whose responsibility it is to buy a Quick Pick ticket every Friday.

“I buy the ticket every Friday, throw it into the handbag, I may or may not check it. It could be sitting there for two weeks without being checked. But my God, when I scanned it and saw the word ‘Congratulations’ I knew we’d won something I just didn’t know how much we won,” added Suzanna, who has worked for the Barry Group for 16 years.

While she has no plans as to what to do with the money, some of her other colleagues do.

Paul Ring from Buttevant has a new baby and he plans to use the money as a fund for her future.

“I’ve a one-year-old daughter so it might be something of a fund for her, for her future and I’ve one or two loans that would be amazing to clear.

“It’s just fantastic for us. It came at the exactly the right time. It really makes things easier going forward, it’s really great,” said Paul, who was on holidays when news broke about the office win.

“It was a shock, a welcome shock. I was actually on holidays and I got a phone call from a friend of mine who isn’t in the syndicate and I obviously didn’t believe a word he was saying because we do wind each other up from time to time.

“After many phone calls, I eventually got confirmation that it was true, so it’s absolutely fantastic,” he said.

Emma Quaid said: “We have been playing together as a group for over four years now and we never thought we’d see the day where we’d all be hopping on a bus to collect a huge prize like this. There has been an incredible buzz throughout Mallow town since the win.”

Meanwhile, Eoin Maye, 24, who has been with the company for 18 months, is very happy with the return on his weekly investment of €1 and plans to buy an Audi with the cash.

“I’m in the company about a year and a half and I joined it straight away, €1 a week so that’s profitable. I’ll buy a car straight away,” he said.

Managing director of the Barry Group, Jim Barry accompanied the syndicate yesterday and said he could not be happier for his staff.


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