Cork man's emotional plea to judge for ‘one last chance’ turns nasty

A young man who assaulted a garda made an emotional appeal to a judge to look into his heart and give him one last chance.

But when the judge gave him a 10-month jail sentence, he reacted violently and had to be escorted from the courtroom.

The emotional appeal from the witness box where Aaron O’Halloran was close to tears was followed within two minutes by the angry outburst where he shouted at Judge Olann Kelleher: “For fuck’s sake what’s your problem? What’s wrong with you? You’re sick in the head.”

O’Halloran, aged 25, of Gould St, Cork, then had to be escorted from courtroom five at Cork District Court as he shouted at officers and at Judge Kelleher.

As things stood for O’Halloran, he was not due to be released from jail until March 2017 as a result of a case where he was jailed for endangering life by a serious series of counts of dangerous driving.

O’Halloran pleaded with the judge not to increase this sentence after he had pleaded guilty to a charge of assaulting Garda Joseph Hanrahan in April last year.

Sergeant Tony O’Flynn said yesterday that the garda was arresting him for being unlawfully at large at the time.

The garda managed to get a handcuff on to one of the defendant’s wrists, but O’Halloran then broke free of the guard’s grip and lashed out with the handcuff dangling from his arm.

In doing so, he injured Garda Hanrahan’s hand which required surgical intervention.

Pleading for mercy in the court, O’Halloran said to the judge: “I am so sorry. If you could find a place in your heart to give me one last chance.

“I am trying everything in my power. One chance, just to show you. If I come before you again you need never again trust me.”

Judge Kelleher said after this evidence: “I accept he is showing some remorse.

“The offence was while he was at large and this was a very serious assault on Garda Joseph Hanrahan.”

Judge Kelleher also took O’Halloran’s 129 previous convictions into account as he imposed a 10-month sentence to commence at the end of the sentence which is being served by the accused.


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