Cork man in Christmas Day threat to kill ex’s new partner

A 68-year-old man, charged with 19 counts of harassing a woman, lost his bail yesterday after evidence that he had gone to her house, banged repeatedly at the front door on Christmas Day and threatened to kill her new partner.

Tom Murray of 10A Wellington Road, Cork, was arrested by Sergeant Tom McCarthy for an alleged breach of his bail and appeared before Judge Leo Malone at Cork District Court yesterday.

Sgt McCarthy said the accused man was granted bail on December 11 on his undertaking to stay away from of Mary Gibney of Adelaide Terrace and not have any contact with her. Sgt McCarthy said the bail conditions were breached.

Jerome Griffin, who was present in Ms Gibney’s home on Christmas Day, said Murray threatened to kill him.

Mr Griffin, who lives in Killarney, testified yesterday: “I called to my partner’s house at 2.25pm. As I opened the door, he came across and he shouted: ‘I will kill you.’ I closed out the door. He banged on the door a couple of times. His hand came through the letter box. He shouted: ‘I will kill you, I’ll blast you out of it.’”

He added that the entire incident went on for 35 minutes and that he felt threatened by Murray.

Murray told his solicitor, Michael Joyce, that he worked until his retirement five years ago and was never idle. He was in a relationship with Ms Gibney for 10 years and it ended eight years ago.

Murray said he gave an undertaking last month not to go near Ms Gibney and he had not done so. He said he did not bang on the door or threaten to kill Mr Griffin. He said he would stay away from Ms Gibney and Mr Griffin if granted bail.

Inspector Finbarr O’Sullivan said: “The unfortunate thing is that the relationship ended and people moved on but, unfortunately, the defendant has not moved on. He is living in denial. He is going to go back to the house. He does not seem to grasp the situation.”

Mr Joyce said: “Here is a man who was never in trouble in his life. He said he would not contact Ms Gibney and he has not done so.”

Judge Leo Malone did not accept what the defendant said. The judge believed that he did threaten the other man and he remanded the accused in custody until Tuesday, January 12.


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