Concern growing among students over loss of marks

With pre-Junior Cert exams under way or about to start, concern is growing among students that they will lose 10% of their English marks over ASTI refusal to teach the new course.

Irish Second Level Students’ Union president Jane Hayes Nally said students are “increasingly concerned that a deal will not be formed despite compromises being made”.

Under the new curriculum, Junior Cert students have to complete two classroom-based creative writing tasks and a subsequent assessment. However, in ASTI schools these haven’t taken place and look unlikely in the short term due to the ASTI’s refusal to carry out the new course because of its ongoing demand for equal pay for recently-hired teachers.

“The ISSU welcomes Minister Bruton’s statement that the second calendar window in 2016/17 school year will allow for the completion and submission of the Junior Cycle English Assessment Task by students who were prevented from meeting the initial deadline. The ISSU is in support of the JC reforms as its members believe that it is in the best interest of students,” Ms Hayes Nally said.

The ISSU said the new curriculum will build a “more relevant, fair, engaging and progressive second-level education system”.

Regarding ASTI industrial action, she added: “The ISSU is hoping to meet with all stakeholders with a view to reduce any possible impact this may have on students.”

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