‘Compliance campaign’ to claim outstanding household levy

The Government is to launch a major “compliance campaign” to get money from the one in five homes yet to pay the household charge — and it will also start charging interest on the amount owed.

According to Environment Minister Phil Hogan, up to Jan 14, household charge payments had been confirmed in respect of 1,280,412 liable properties. Waivers had been granted to a further 24,592 such properties.

Mr Hogan said the total number of estimated liable residences for the household charge was 1,620,814 meaning the compliance rate was in excess of 80.5%. That compares to a compliance rate for the local property tax of 91%.

When the charge was introduced in 2012, the amount owed was €100. However if it had not been paid by Jul 2013, the amount owed rose to €200. From that point on, it became a local property tax liability to be paid in addition to the property tax.

Revenue took over the liabilities at that point. It has been carrying out an extensive data-matching exercise involving the details it received from the Local Government Management Agency of those properties where the charge had been paid or in respect of which a waiver or exemption had been granted.

It said the vast majority of data from the agency’s register has already been matched with its local property tax register and it is in the process of completing that process.

Once it is complete, Finance Minister Michael Noonan confirmed that a compliance campaign will be launched during the first quarter of this year.

He said property owners will be made aware of the campaign on the Revenue website, in press releases, through interviews with Revenue spokespeople on local and national media, and if necessary through formal media advertising.

“Alongside this public awareness campaign, Revenue will also contact potential non-compliant property owners directly regarding their obligations,” said Mr Noonan.

Revenue has said the amount will be capped at €200 if paid before the formal launch of the LPT/household charge compliance campaign.

“However, if it is not paid in line with that campaign, interest will be charged,” said Mr Noonan.

“For example, if the outstanding household charge is paid on Apr 30, 2014, the amount payable will be €213.”


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