Collins: RTÉ show glamourises crime

A NEW RTÉ drama has been strongly criticised by Limerick businessman Steve Collins whose son Roy, 35, was gunned down in the family-run amusement arcade at the Roxboro Shopping centre on April 9, 2009.

The gunman, James Dillon, 23, has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder.

Roy Collins, a father of two, was targeted as revenge for the jailing of a gang leader.

Steve Collins said yesterday that the RTÉ Sunday night drama Love/Hate will be used as a recruitment tool to entice vulnerable young people into a life of crime.

Mr Collins believes the series will wrongly convince young people from dysfunctional families that the illegal drugs trade will lead to fortune and riches.

He told Live 95 FM: “The drama wrongly gives the impression that criminals drive around in expensive cars and live in fancy houses, while the truth is the Criminal Assets Bureau has put an end to such displays.”

Mr Collins said glamourising crime will have a negative impact on young people in Limerick.

James Dillon was lured into crime by members of the Limerick’s most feared gang who gave him high power cars, guns, drugs and cash.

As he had no previous criminal record, the gang saw him as ideal material to groom without coming under the Garda radar.

He was driven to the scene of the murder by one of the gang leaders, who was also arrested hours after the murder of Roy Collins.


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