Cleaning lady pleads guilty to burgling four houses

A cleaning woman working at a number of houses in Co Cork admitted burgling four of them yesterday and in one house stealing €5,725 worth of jewellery.

Maria Zylinska, a Polish national with an address at The Brambles, Pembroke Woods, Passage West, Co Cork, was remanded in custody yesterday for sentencing on Monday.

Never in trouble before, she will celebrate her 50th birthday behind bars tomorrow.

Her alcoholism became so severe that she first sold her own jewellery in an effort to get some money together and eventually she resorted to stealing in a desperate effort to get cash.

Garda Declan Healy testified yesterday at Cork District Court that she gained admission to an unoccupied house at Ballea, Carrigaline, earlier in the week. A neighbour noticed the accused driving up to the house and going in and notified gardaí, who arrived and caught the accused trespassing.

When arrested and interviewed she admitted the other burglaries — all at houses where she worked as a cleaning woman. She stole the jewellery from a house at Ballinvriskig, White’s Cross, Cork, also last week. Wine was stolen from two other houses.

Garda Healy said they had seized the stolen jewellery and were in the process of checking with the owner if it was all there. There was evidence of an attempt made to sell some of the jewellery.

Garda Healy objected to bail being given in advance of sentencing as he said her family had arranged a ticket for her to return to Poland in the coming days.



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