Christina Noble tells of knifepoint terror in raid on her home

Activist Christina Noble has told of her terror after an intruder held her at knifepoint in her own home.

Ms Noble, who recently returned from Vietnam because she became ill, said she also became unwell in a supermarket back in Ireland, and was subsequently brought to hospital.

“My blood pressure was very, very low and very dangerous and they thought I might have a stroke. I’m a tough bird, so I got through it all,” she told the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk.

Ms Noble said that, upon returning to her house, she was sleeping downstairs on the settee to let her cat in and out during the night, when, at around 3.20am, the intruder held a knife to her throat.

“I turned around, and he took the knife he had in his hand and he put it towards my throat,” she said. “He held it over my throat viciously and was screaming.”

Ms Noble said it was difficult to recall all the details of the incident, having been awoken by the intruder, but said he had a Dublin accent, demanded money, and threatened to kill her.

“I have a thing where I go into a calm state,” said Ms Noble. “I can’t explain it. Twice I told him: ‘I have no money,’

“He went on and on... I don’t know if it was God or what it is, but I just went into a very calm state. I just sat there.

“I didn’t utter a word. It could have been shock or adrenaline. I don’t have a clue what it was.

“I had a panic button on the table beside me... I wanted to put out my hand to get the panic button on the table, but I was afraid he would see me and take the panic button.”

She waited till the man turned his head, before she set off the panic alarm, and the man left with her phone, keys, and her car.

“I’m just very angry that he desecrated my home. I just want people to know there’s some man going around doing this.

“I thought people should know what happened, that it might make them more vigilant for themselves,” she said of her decision to go public about her ordeal.

Ms Noble said it is believed the intruder used a screwdriver to get into the house, and that he was in the house for 12 minutes.

“It was like 12 hours of hell,” she said.

Ms Noble said her home feels “soiled” and that she considered selling the house.

“There are beautiful neighbours around, and the police were fantastic, they were just amazing,” she said.

Gardai are investigating.


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