Child ‘must have experimented on me’, suggests sex assault accused

The man accused of sexually assaulting the 10-year-old daughter of his then girlfriend, who had semen found on her hand, said his only explanation was that the child must have “experimented” on him as he slept.

This suggestion was included in the memo of an interview of the accused with gardaí, which was read to the jury at Cork Circuit Criminal Court on the second day of a trial yesterday.

The accused said in the witness box that was the only explanation he could come up with when he thought about it afterwards. He also said that he might have ejaculated some sperm onto a sheet when fondling with his girlfriend and that the child might have touched the sheet and got sperm on her hand in that way.

Interviewing gardaí put it to the accused that semen had been found on her hand after she made the complaint to her mother and later to gardaí and that it must have been his semen as he was the only man in the house at the time. The complainant’s mother said she was friends with the accused but not in a sexual way.

“I would love to say it [semen found on the complainant’s hand] is not mine unless she was experimenting,” the accused man said.

He told gardaí that, since he was accused of this offence, he had done a lot of research in this area. He said he had thought previously that children would not be involved in anything like this but had since seen on television that children as young as eight were involved in sexting.

“The only thing I can think of is that she was experimenting on me when I was asleep,” he said.

He said the complainant’s mother referred to the child previously looking up pictures of penises on the internet and he said the gardaí should have followed up on that but did not.

He said he thought that was wrong. When Blaise O’Carroll, defending, brought him through the allegations against him he said repeatedly: “1,000% not.”

The 39-year-old said: “It is a fucking disgrace — sorry for cursing — but I’m after being punished for three years over this. I come from a republican family. We don’t dream of this kind of things. The blaggarding I got out of this was unbelievable.

“If I touched that young one’s private parts I would not be here today, I would be after committing suicide.

“Sorry if members of An Garda Síochána are upset by what I am saying but I believe they should be doing their job and not persecuting people.”

Cross-examining, Siobhán Lankford, prosecuting, said it was ridiculous for the defendant to suggest that the mother of the complainant was a non-national who wanted to marry him, that he was thinking about it at the time but he told gardaí he did not know her name, and greeted her with words like ‘Hi love’ and ‘tricky names’.

Yesterday the accused said: “I did know her first name but I couldn’t pronounce it.”

The complainant said the accused lay down behind her, rubbed her back, grabbed her hand and made her rub “his private”.

She said he put his penis against her bum and she could feel something sticky on her hand.

The trial continues today.


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