Charge ‘went in one ear and out other’

A man who threatened gardaí that he would find where they lived and get them was asked if he had a formal reply when charged with the offence and he said, “in one ear, out the other”.

Garda Sheena Dowling encountered Tommy O’Brien, aged 26, of Gateway, Leitrim St, Cork, lying on the ground at Western Rd, Cork, in the middle of the afternoon.

A passerby who was concerned about his condition had called for an ambulance.

However, Garda Dowling discovered an ambulance had come to the scene earlier but O’Brien was uncooperative and did not want the assistance of the crew.

Garda Dowling said at Cork District Court yesterday that when she approached him he was highly abusive calling her a fuckiing bitch. He stuck up his middle finger at the guard and made a lewd comment. He was also threatening towards Garda Dowling and her colleagues.

“I will find out where you live and get ye,” O’Brien said, according to Garda Dowling. When charged and cautioned for being drunk and threatening he made the reply about it being in one ear and out the other.

Judge Leo Malone convicted O’Brien in his absence yesterday at Cork District Court. Inspector Ronan Kenneally said the accused had 102 previous convictions including a litany of public order offences and some under the theft act.

O’Brien’s solicitor, Diarmuid Kelleher, was present for the case yesterday but the accused was not.


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