Castle prepares for ghost hunters siege

GHOST hunters and paranormal enthusiasts take note — something spooky is happening in Carlow.

Due to a series of “unexplained phenomena” at Duckett’s Grove, local authorities have closed the castle to night-time visitors — but not to protect them from eerie encounters.

Instead, plans are under way to prepare the gothic building for night-time tourists who are hoping for an appearance by one of the properties’ ghostly residents.

This comes after an episode of American paranormal television series Destination Truth, which broadcast live from Duckett’s Grove on St Patrick’s Day, reported sightings of strange figures and noises from one of the castle towers while on a quest to find a banshee.

Further investigations by the Killarney Paranormal Society prompted closure of the building between 8am and 8pm to allow for health and safety updates to the “haunted” castle.

During the live show, the Destination Truth team set upon the castle — said to the largest hotbed of banshee activity in the area— as part of a four-hour broadcast on

Unknown human figures, unexplained lights and heavy, hollow sounds were among the peculiar occurrences reported by the team of paranormal investigators, while hundreds of viewers joined in the ghost hunt by pressing a “Banshee Button” on the live feed website when they saw anything out of the ordinary.

However, the banshee is not the only apparition said to be haunting Duckett Grove. Some witnesses claim members of the Duckett family have also been seen and heard throughout the property, which has not been inhabited since 1916.

Director of housing at Carlow County Council, Seamus O’Connor said as a result of the show, visitors have been flocking to the castle hoping to experience paranormal activity for themselves. “The show itself has a fair following, and after a full night’s investigation in the castle, a good bit of activity was detected, which piqued a lot of people’s interest.”


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