Car’s technology may yield information on killer’s movements

Jastine Valdez. (Picture: Facebook)

The Nissan Qashqai driven by Mark Hennessy in the abduction of Jastine Valdez might still yield additional information to gardaí investigating his movements before and during the horrific events of last weekend, but neither the car manufacturer nor gardaí are sure.

Video footage emerged on Monday of the moment the father of two bought the car last year from a local Nissan dealer. And witness reports that the vehicle had been spotted — alongside CCTV footage and triangulation of mobile phone usage — led gardaí to the scene in Cherrywood where he was eventually shot and killed.

However, gardaí said yesterday the inbuilt satellite navigation system was not a factor in tracing Hennessy, but could still contain some useful information.

A Garda spokesman confirmed a request will be issued to Nissan to have any information in the sat nav downloaded in the hope it might provide clues as to his movements. However, the spokesman also said that the extent of that information was not currently known and that the amount of information retained varies from model to model.

Staff at a Nissan dealership contacted by the Irish Examiner yesterday also said they are unsure what level of information would be contained in the car’s satnav system, with one staff member saying he thinks it unlikely the downloaded information would reveal much as to Hennessy’s movements over recent times.

The car’s licence plate number had been issued by gardaí last Sunday as they sought to track down the 40-year-old, who by then was known to have abducted Ms Valdez in Enniskerry.

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