Byram feels she looks better now turning 40 than she did in her 20s

Amanda Byram talked about turning 40 next month and how many famous females do not reveal their age

TV beauty Amanda Byram said she believes she looks better now than she did at half her age.

The Dubliner, who recently showed off her stunning physique on the cover of Bodyfit magazine, said how she thinks she looks healthier on the eve of her 40th birthday than she did when she was a skinny model in her 20s.

She said she refuses to lie about her age like so many female celebrities in her industry as she approaches the landmark birthday next month.

The Total Wipeout host told the KC Show she finds it interesting that so many famous women are afraid to admit to entering their fifth decade.

“I feel I look better and feel better than I did when I was modelling in my 20s. It’s quite bizarre. I am turning 40 on the 16th of June. I think the reason people are so shocked about it is that women — especially in my industry — do tend to lie about what age they are.

“I just kind of feel that I would much rather look good and feel good for 40 than look average for 35.”

She said she had taken a very healthy approach to her life and her fitness regime over the past few years.

“Over the couple of years I have been really focused on health and fitness. I have always been a gym bunny but I have always been too obsessive about working out and diet and fitness. I was completely getting the whole skinny thing mixed up with healthy.

“I have tried every single diet in the book and I have exercised every exercise to the extreme but the only way to maintain it and to stay is to eat good food, not too much alcohol, not too much caffeine and exercising the right way.”

The former model also told how she is back in a relationship after ending her engagement last year.

“I had quite a crappy emotional year last year with breaking up with ex-fiancé and coming to terms with being single at 39. But I am the happiest I have ever been. There is someone there in the background who is very lovely.”

She said she has found that men can be quite intimidated by her celebrity status.

“It’s funny because people always say ‘I can’t believe you are single’. I’m like ‘well I can’t remember the last time someone asked me out’. I do understand there is that level of intimidation but it is really sad because there are loads of lovely boys out there.”

And the TV host said she has a number of exciting projects lined up.

“There is a couple of projects at the moment I’m not allowed to talk about. I am doing bits and pieces for ITV at the moment. I’m standing in for Phil and Holly on This Morning next Friday.

“There is a bunch of things that I am pitching myself for shows. There is lots of really good things to look forward to. 2013 is going to be a very good year.”


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