Burglars ordered to leave country

Two men who pleaded guilty to a burglary spree and to possession of stolen property have had to produce a one-way plane ticket home to Lithuania to secure their release from prison.

Kestutis Bagdonas and Mindaugus Ginderens, had been held on remand in Cork Prison since February 21 last after gardaí tracked them to an apartment in Skibbereen in West Cork, where they also recovered a quantity of stolen property.

The case was recently heard before a sitting of Skibbereen District Court in which some details of how the burglaries were outlined.

The court heard gardaí believe the two had arrived in Co Cork in early February and within days had begun committing burglaries in the Skibbereen area.

Both were charged with three separate burglary charges and pleaded guilty, as well as pleading guilty to possession of stolen goods. The court heard that the men may have been involved in up to six burglaries.

Much of the property taken in the burglaries was not recovered and the value of the items taken as well as those recovered at the apartment amounted to an estimated €10,000.

The court heard that when the two men arrived they sub-let an apartment in the West Cork town that had previously been let to other Lithuanians. They were also driving in a car not registered to them. Lawn mowers, jewellery and alcohol were stolen. Some itemswere recovered.

The court heard that a huge amount of assistance was provided by the local community to gardaí which eventually led to the two men being tracked down to the apartment. A search recovered some stolen property.

The men pleaded guilty and had been held on remand in Cork Prison. When the case was heard earlier this month both men were convicted and in effect ordered to leave the country, meaning they had to produce the one-way ticket to the governor of Cork Prison so they could be released.

Gardaí understand both men have already left the country.


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