Boost for full Irish breakfast as black pudding named one of 2016's must-eat superfoods

Irish producers are hoping that an unlikely addition to 2016’s must-eat healthy foods will pay dividends for a key part of the Irish cooked breakfast.

Reports claiming that black pudding has been added to a list of superfoods has seen widespread media coverage of the foodstuff.

While the provenance of the claim is unclear, food producers are nonetheless welcoming the extra media exposure.

Jimmy Allen of Putóg De Róiste said that it is too soon to say if the publicity has increased demand, but that the West Cork company has been busy anyway.

He said there are health benefits to the cooked breakfast staple.

“We use fresh, not powdered pigs’ blood, fresh onions and no MSGs, colouring or additives,” he said.

“Ours is an old-style recipe, there is a lot of iron in pigs’ blood and there’s protein in the pork and bacon.”

Colette Twomey, owner of Clonakilty Black Pudding, also cited the high iron and protein content of black pudding as being of benefit to consumers.

“People who would be health conscious would be aware of the benefits already, but it’s obviously good for us that it is being talked about as a superfood,” she said.

Ms Twomey said that the Christmas season sees black pudding in high demand, both for those living in Ireland and those home for the festivities.

“It is a busy time and people who come home for Christmas do bring it back with them,” she said.

“Whether it is to the UK, Europe or beyond we do know people like to bring a taste of home with them.”

Ms Twomey also said that it was too soon to say if sales will grow off the back of the coverage, but that the proof of the pudding’s popularity will show in next week’s orders.


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