Boat engine thieves ‘took lives in their hands’

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Robbers who specialise in stealing expensive outboard motors have struck again, this time during weather even the most experienced seamen would stay clear of.

Garda sources said the thieves “took their lives in their hands” when they recently struck in Co Cork.

On the night of August 25 the gang struck in the Cobh area. At the time, there was torrential rain, high winds, and the thieves had to work against the tide.

Nevertheless, unfazed by the conditions, the gang members stole a punt from the Carrigaloe side of the harbour and rowed it out to a larger boat.

They then started that up and used it to target three other vessels in the harbour.

With great agility they managed to remove three expensive outboard engines from the anchored vessels.

They stole two Tohatsui outboard motors and one manufactured by Honda.

The gang then took the vessel they had commandeered to the Passage West side where they abandoned it. It is believed they had a vehicle waiting for them there and loaded the stolen outboard engines onto it.

The operation happened sometime between 10pm on Tuesday, August 25, and the early hours of Wednesday, August 26.

“They were definitely well prepared and they had no fear,” a Garda source said.

“They took their lives in their hands going out in the conditions which were prevailing at the time.

“The conditions were appalling and they were doing this while they were also fighting against the tide,” the Garda source added.


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