Bez: 200-year-old Masonic plot to blame for water levy

There have been many conspiracy theories swirling around the imposition of water charges, but the strangest yet has emerged from a celebrity candidate in the British general election — the levy is the fulfilment of a Masonic lodge plot dating from the Battle of Waterloo.

The claim was made by Reality Party candidate Mark Berry, better known as Happy Mondays dancer Bez, as he warned against a planned EU-US trade deal.

“What we are seeing now is a thing called TTIP — the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership — it’s happening in Ireland all the time, that’s why you’ve got to pay for water — people kicking off — everything is being sold off to private companies.

“What we are seeing is this TTIP and privatisation of everything, it’s actually the transfer of power between Masonic houses, so what’s happening is that power is shifting from the Hanoverian mother lodge to the Stuarts and the Knights Templar, which are the Americans, the French, the Germans, they are all part of that lodge, do you know what I mean?

“The privatisation, everything we see today, is the result of this deal what was done 200 years ago at the Battle of Waterloo,” Bez told the Irish Examiner.

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