Betting shop raider prodded woman with stick

A raider waved a stick around aggressively in a betting office in Cork City before prodding the woman working in the premises and getting away with almost €1,000 in cash.

The man, Niall Fitzpatrick, aged 24, of 9 Leamlara Close, Togher, Cork, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison with the last year suspended. His accomplice, Paul Doolan, aged 30, of Kent Rd, Cork, who drove him to the scene and was involved in the planning, was given two years with one suspended.

Det Garda Katrine Tansley said on the afternoon of December 5, 2013, the two accused were in Doolan’s home when they planned to rob Hackett’s betting office.

Doolan gave Fitzpatrick a change of clothes to carry out the robbery and drove Fitzpatrick to the scene. Fitzpatrick went into the betting office, waved a stick around and shouted, “Give me the fucking money.”

The detective said: “He poked at her with the stick. The injured party was in fear. She retreated into the corner. He got over the counter. The injured party picked up a bundle of notes from the cash register — €900 — and handed that over. Fitzpatrick said, ‘that is not fucking enough.’ She found another €60 which she handed over. He left and ran off around the corner.

“The co-accused are at odds as to whose idea it was and how much money each of them got out of it. Mr Doolan said he only got €75. Mr Fitzpatrick said Doolan got all the money.”

The injured party was too nervous to testify.

Fitzpatrick said: “I would like to apologise sincerely to her. I did not mean to do it. I got caught up in debt. I am constantly thinking about it since.”

Doolan said: “I would like to say I am really really sorry. I have never done anything like this in my whole life. It was definitely out of order. I take full responsibility. I would do anything to not be in custody. I would do anything you ask me.”

Judge David Riordan told them, “If you rob someone’s piece of mind it is very hard to give it back.”

Det Garda Tansley told Paula McCarthy, defence barrister, that Fitzpatrick seemed to be truly emotional at the affect he had on the injured party. He had a drug debt under pressure to pay and was on drugs on the day he committed the offence.

Katherine McGillycuddy, barrister for Doolan, said he was financially struggling at the time and raising a family on social welfare.


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